Doug is truly phenomenal and an absolute pleasure to work with. For approximately nine months, my husband and I had been searching for the perfect sofa that would give us the WOW factor. We had spent hours going to various showrooms and consulting with different designers, but were unimpressed with the quality, selections, and their inability to capture our vision. Fortunately, we decided to make one last effort and try White House Luxe. What a great decision that was! Meeting Doug was a breath of fresh air and an overall blessing! His caring demeanor, knowledge of the craft, and overall presentation immediately drew us in. We felt that he went above and beyond the call of duty in providing us with excellent service. He was also tremendously patient, accommodating, and professional. My husband and I felt great making this purchase, because we felt that our business mattered to him. Because of Doug, our living room is now fully transformed, and I must say we do have the WOW factor! Without a doubt, White House is absolutely the best!

Osteen Rodriguez

Lifetime Customer

Joyce has a superb grasp of what her clients want and need, and is willing to go the extra mile to achieve perfection.

Josie Kaminski

Ann turned my house into a beautiful and comfortable home. She was attentive and enthusiastic, without fail. In just a few visits, she knew my desires even better than I and always exhibited so much excitement when showing me the “perfect” fabric or just the right finish, delicately steering me away from wrong choices. Her goal was to have me be thrilled with my home … and I must say that I am! I love walking into my house every day.

Catherine Lassi

Joyce is a highly creative Interior Design Professional who is totally responsive, dependable, and terrific to work with.

Deborah Mullin