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Karen Arakelian To Receive Retailer of the Year Award

Founder and CEO of  White House “Designs for Life”, a family of home furnishings stores, interior design services, and non-profit initiatives, will be honored at the Greater Metropolitan Furnishings Association dinner and dance in November. The Greater Metropolitan Home Furnishings Association (GMFA) announced that Karen Arakelian  founder and CEO of  White House “Designs for Life” has been chosen […]

Okra Soup

Charleston cuisine often blends African American, Native American, and European traditions. Okra soup is distinctively Charlestonian, a dish that resembles a gumbo, but is simpler to prepare. The following recipe has been handed down in Theresa Singleton’s family for four generations. Serena Mitchell North (1888-1963), Theresa’s grandmother, taught it to her daughters. Serena learned it […]

Mark Bograd – How I got here

I was born into the furniture business– third generation on my father’s side, fourth generation on my mother’s.  I grew up thinking that I was like a member of some kind of medieval guild destined to marry someone in the furniture business (I didn’t).  I sold my first bedroom set at twelve, the only sale […]

Live Edge Tops

I grew up in the furniture business, so perhaps it is no surprise that I’ve also grown up with a love of the look of wood.  Design matters, no doubt, but there is something innate about the beauty of a finely finished wood table.  I sometimes refer to a table with an interesting top as […]

The Bograds Digest – Furniture, Food, and Good Living

Retail stores are very much reflections of their owners and @Bograds is no different. We love fine furniture and love to talk about it (sometimes interminably). Anyone who knows our family also knows we share that passion with something else –a love of fine food. Some years ago, when we published a magazine called Joe, […]