The Bograds Digest – Furniture, Food, and Good Living

Retail stores are very much reflections of their owners and @Bograds is no different. We love fine furniture and love to talk about it (sometimes interminably). Anyone who knows our family also knows we share that passion with something else –a love of fine food.

Some years ago, when we published a magazine called Joe, my father wrote an article for the second issue entitled “Joe Bograd 4F.” In it he detailed his four loves “ma femme (his wife), family, furniture and food!” he followed that declaration with a review of five area restaurants. It was probably the most popular article in the magazine. My father happily recounted seeing someone at one of the restaurants with a copy of his review and delighted when the restaurant owners commented on the new business his reviews had generated. I in turn try to be an active Yelp and TripAdvisor reviewer with I hope are thoughtful reviews of stores and restaurants.

The Bograds Digest is a natural continuation of these efforts. The title represents another long held family love… the love of language. What better venue for us to discourse on furniture and food than within a pun. We plan to include posts on design and restaurants, furniture and cooking. We hope you enjoy reading it.